Tower Woods Waterfall

Tower Woods Waterfall is a real hidden gem of Killarney with even locals being unaware of its existence which is a shame as it’s a real beauty. The waterfall was originally called Cromaglan Cascade, deriving its name from the nearby mountain of the same name but over time that name has been lost.


You will have to do a good bit of travelling to get to the waterfall. To get to the start of the trail drive out past the Eagles Nest which is about 8km from Killarney Town and cross a low bridge by a lake. From there carry on for about a mile keeping your eyes peeled for the ruin of an old tower house. You can then park up in the lay by to the left and begin the second leg of the journey.


There is no designated pathway to the waterfall, but you will see a river and just keep following it until you hear the powerful waters of the cascade. There is a few streams you will have to cross on the way but they are easily manageable during the warmer months just make sure to watch your footing.


Remember to take in all the wildlife on the way with many of Killarney’s favourites to be seen on the route such as red deer and heron.


Once you come across the waterfall after a short walk prepare to have your breath taken away by its staggering beauty. Simply retrace your steps to get back from the waterfall once you are done at it.


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