Muckross House & Gardens

Undoubtedly one of Killarney’s best attractions, Muckross House & Gardens is an instantly recognizable sight in Killarney. The basement of this Victorian-era estate allows visitors to see how housekeepers worked, while the bedrooms upstairs show how the  landowners lived in the mansion. The house has all its original furnishings and is like walking into a snapshot back to the 1800’s.

Outside you will find the breath-taking gardens full of excellent flora and fauna that seem to stretch as far as the eye can see. The house sits on the bank of Muckross Lake with outstanding views across the lake able to be seen from the gardens.

There is a wealth of trails and things to do in the vicinity of the house such as the lake side walk, visiting the green house in the gardens and having a coffee at the lovely café located by the giftshop. This is the perfect for location for people of all ages.


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Muckross Traditional Farms

Found on the grounds of Muckross House & Gardens, these traditional farms represent a step back in time to rural Ireland and provide an authentic experience with 3 working farms.

Muckross Abbey

One of Killarney’s oldest attractions the ruins of this 15th century Abbey stand tall just a few minutes walk from Muckross House. The main attraction of Muckross Abbey is the ancient Yew Tree which is said to be just as old if not older than the Abbey making it one of the oldest trees in all of Kerry and Ireland.

Torc Waterfall

One of Killarney’s most famous attractions, Torc Waterfall is an essential visit in Killarney. Loved by locals and visitors alike, the powerful waters and amazing views provide outstanding opportunities for photos.

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