Boat Tour

A guided boat tour of the Lakes of Killarney and up the Gap of Dunloe is a fun and memorable experience. Get out to Ross Castle on a nice sunny day and head out on either a 12-seater boat or take a watercoach for bigger groups.

Let your expert guide fill you in on information on the lakes and the rich history behind them and the islands that litter them.


See the likes of Innisfallen Island, O’Sullivans Cascade, Eagle’s Nest, Muckross and the Gap of Dunloe from a completely unique perspective unlike any other. Learn about the fish that inhabit the lakes, the various depths that the lakes reach, the flora of the area surrounding the lake and the ecosystems that are unique to these locations.


There are multiple different trip routes that you can take and contacting a boat company before your trip is recommended as they can lay out what would be the best experience you are looking for.

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