Demesne Trails

The Demesne in Killarney National Park is home to many walking trails through the heart of nature. The trails all vary in length and can be as short as 15-20 mins up to over an hour depending on routes taken. The main trails we will look at here are the River walk, Knockreer circular walk and the trail to Ross Castle. All of these trails can be finished by people of all fitness levels, just do beware of a few cattle grates on the way.


Riverside Loop

Starting at Deenagh Lodge you are to head down to the left so that you are by the River Deenagh. There is a path that follows the river with multiple bridges on the way that loop back to Deenagh Lodge so you can make this walk as long or short as you want.

If you keep an eye out you may see heron in the river along the way and some deer may also be around.


Knockreer Circular Walk

Once again starting at Deenagh Lodge keep walking forward for a few hundred meters before turning off up to the right over a cattle grate. You can then follow this circular route around and if you don’t branch off you should eventually come back around down past Knockreer House and back to Deenagh Lodge. There are many branching paths along this route so do not be afraid to branch off as it is very hard to get lost. You should reach a point that overlooks Lough Leane and there are benches by here so you can relax and take in the great view.


Demesne to Ross Castle

This is a very straightforward trail and it connects two of the most beautiful parts of Killarney National Park. To begin you just want to follow the riverside loop trail however instead of crossing back over one of the bridges to the right continue on straight following the paved road until you come to a sign pointing you in the direction of Ross Castle. From here it is essentially a straight line out to Ross Castle but keep an eye out for some wildlife along the way amongst all the nature.