Puck Fair

Every August since 1600’s, Killorglin celebrates Puck Fair. It is one of the oldest festivals in Europe and takes place every single year across the 10th, 11th and 12th of August. The precise origins of the fair are unknown, but one favoured theory claims that when England’s Oliver Cromwell and his men were ravaging the area, a goat that had been separated from his herd found his way to Killorglin and his distressed presence alerted the townspeople that the invading armies were close, giving them valuable time to prepare. Today, a wild male mountain goat is celebrated by being crowned King Puck for three days before being released back into the wild. The three-day festival includes The Gathering Day, the Fair Day and the Scattering, all three days are jam packed, with traditional music, street entertainment, markets and live music. An estimated 100,000 people attend Puck Fair every year.