Torc Mountain

One of Killarney’s most well known mountains, Torc is home a famous waterfall and a 535m hike up to the summit of the mountain. Torc is one of the easiest mountains to summit in Killarney with a clearly laid out path all the way to the top. You will have to hike a couple of hundred meters of the Old Kenmare Road in order to get to the base of the mountain.


Luckily for people who want to skip the walk up from the bottom car park where the waterfall can be found there is an upper carpark which allows for much easier access to the mountain.


The trail up the mountain is moderately difficult and suitable for people of all levels of fitness. There are also two points on the way up the mountain that are suitable for a rest and some food and water.


It should take about 1 hour to reach the summit and another hour to reach the base again. The views from the top of the mountain of Killarney National Park and the Lakes of Killarney are simply amazing and need to be experienced in person.


For those of you looking for more of a challenge you can start in the lower car park and work your way up past the waterfall and onto the path towards the mountain base. This adds an extra few KM onto the hike.