Ross Island Trails

Ross Island is not just home to one of Killarney’s most famous attractions with Ross Castle but it is also home to three great walking trails. These being the Copper Mines loop, Governors Rock trail and Library Point trail. All these trails can be done individually or joined together to make one big walking trail if you want something a bit longer.


Copper Mines Loop

Arguably the most famous of the trails on Ross Island the copper mines loop is a 2km long loop that takes you from Ross Castle out past the famed copper mines and back. The mines date back for thousands of years and help make this walk extremely peaceful.


Governors Rock Trail

The 2km walk out to this amazing viewing point is well worth the trip as you are met with outstanding views of Lough Leane. This trail loops back from the limestone cliff face and you can either join up with the other trails or head straight back to the Castle.


Library Point

Library Point can be found at the peninsula of Ross Island and marks the furthest location from the Castle however it still is not too far away. There is a loop at the head of the peninsula past Library Point that walkers can also look to complete.