Lakes of Killarney

The Lakes of Killarney are a group of three lakes located in Killarney and they are called Lough Leane, Muckross Lake, and Upper Lake. These lakes are set in the stunning Killarney National Park and are surrounded by mountains and forests, making them truly wonderful to see.

Lough Leane is the largest of the three and can be found by the shores of Ross Castle, Muckross Lake otherwise known as the middle lake is quite self-explanatory and you can find the Upper Lake about 12km outside of Killarney Town on the N71 road to Kenmare, Derrycunnihy Church and Killegy Woods can be found by this fantastic lake.


There are many wonderful attractions that can be found on the lakes or accessed by a boat trip on the lakes such as the famous Innisfallen Island, the Eagles Nest, O’ Sullivan’s Cascade and the Meeting of the Waters which is where all three lakes join!


The lakes are a marvel to look at from the shores of them but there are also guided boat trips available of the lakes which will take you over their blue waters while your guide fills you in on the wonderous history of them. For the more daring of you, it is possible to kayak over the lakes for a self-guided tour.


One fun fact about the lakes is that Lough Leane has been recorded as the deepest lake in Ireland with parts of it reaching 75metres deep.


Our recommendation for viewing the lakes is that the best view is from the summit of Torc Mountain.


Nearby sights/walks

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