The Demesne is one of Killarney National Parks most popular and recognizable locations due to its close proximity to the town and outstanding beauty.


There are many things to do and see in the demesne such as walking along one of its many trails, having a coffee at the fabulous Deenagh Lodge, visiting the historic Knockreer House or if you have children visiting the playground.


The peace and serenity that can found by visiting the Demesne is not to be understated and you can spend hours just exploring the many trails of the Demesne. The river Deenagh runs along the perimeter and through the heart of the Demesne and there is a lovely riverside walk for people to enjoy.


Knockreer House is a real marvel hidden in the Demesne and it is only a short uphill walk from Deenagh Lodge. At the house you can enjoy the marvellous gardens which provide a spectacular view over Killarney National Park and is frequented by Red Deer throughout the year.


The walk to the playground from Deenagh is a beautiful walk parallel to the river and lined with carefully carved wooden sculptures of the wildlife you can see in Killarney.


The Demesne can be found right across the road from St. Mary’s Cathedral, or can be accessed by walking through Killarney House and Gardens and following the direct path straight to the riverside walk near Deenagh Lodge.


Remember to keep an eye out for the abundance of wildlife that can be found as well as the famed Kerry cattle which graze in the Demesne.


Nearby sights/walks

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