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Kerry is fondly regarded as “The Kingdom”, and is widely regarded as the most picturesque locations in the island of Ireland.

With spectacular national parks and blue-flag beaches, it is easy to understand the affinity many holds for one of Ireland’s jewels. One of the most appealing aspects of Kerry is its plethora of hiking destinations, ranging from moderately easy to immensely challenging.

The Naked Sheep - Alpaca Trekking

The Naked Sheep - Alpaca Trekking

A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE AWAITS YOU, The Naked Sheep in Kenmare a=offer the experience to trek with Alpacas on the spectacular Kenmare Bay. Alpaca trekking isn’t new. South Americans domesticated alpacas some 5000 years ago and have been working with them ever since.
The treks start at the alpaca’s barn where Simon and Mia will put on head collars and leads. They usually take anywhere between two and seven alpacas at a time. The Alpacas are trained to walk in a line and not to stop for some grass along the way, however they do when they think they can get away with it. After a brief health and safely chat, they will then head up into the forest behind their land. It is a magical place and virtually untouched with emerald green moss and clovers covering every surface.

About half-way through the trail, they will stop in an area that is set aside for breaks. The alpacas have an enclosure where they are given a well deserved snack and can graze. The humans can also take a break with a snack. There are plenty of logs and benches around to sit on, but you might get a wet bum! Throughout the trek, there are no end of photo opportunities. The views overlooking Kenmare bay are spectacular. When arriving back at the farm, some of the alpacas may have a little treat in store for anyone participating.

Distance From Killarney: 58.8km

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