Nature Trails


Nature Trails

Booklet guides on the following nature trails as well as many others in the region are available in Muckross House and National Park Information Offices.

The Old Boathouse Trail – This trail begins 300 metres from Muckross House and is well signposted. It is less than 1km long so allow approximately 45 minutes. The 19th Century stone boathouse is your starting point. Highlights include beautiful examples of oak, yew, arbutus (Killarney strawberry tree) and bog myrtle as well as panoramic views of the Middle Lake, Devil’s Island, and Torc Mountain.

Arthur Young Nature Trail – This trail also begins and ends at Muchross House. It is 7.5kms long so allow approximately 2.5 hours. This trail journeys though the Muckross Peninsula between Lough Leane and Muckross Lake taking in some of the most extensive natural Yew Woods in Europe. Other highlights include examples of oak, fern, lichens, arbutus and holly. Keep an eye out for the old copper mines. Remember your camera and capture some amazing glimpses of the surrounding lakes and mountains.

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Nature Trails  


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